The Leading Middle East

e-Business Innovator

We have invested in and built-up a stronger AFiT® adapting customer-centric culture with the following operational efficiencies being implemented to achieve a highly effective organization:


  • Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) that adapt PMI (Project Management Institute) approach to help our customers achieve their goals, within budget, within a predefined duration, and with quality.
  • Implement AFiT® 4Ds Implementation Methodology that is customized based on AUP (Agile Unified Process) for building Web applications with balanced approach to project management, technical implementation, and user-centered design.

All of the above including Customer Relationships and Interactions are ISO 9001:2000 certified.


We have identified that the Middle East market has become more mature towards understanding our Innovative e-Business Solutions. This was evidenced by the nature of projects we have engaged in and the financial growth and positive results that we have achieved by doubling our income and earnings.


Based on the success of AFiT ability in implementing customer-focused solutions and its commitment in solving all related customer business needs, we have adopted and more focused strategy that capitalize on our core competences and maps our solution portfolio to vertical markets. The results are:


  • Banking Solutions(Online and Mobile Banking, EBPP, Core Banking, Switching and Card Management, Internet Banking, EMV and Basel II Compliance, …)
  • Business Solutions(ERP, CRM, Property Management, Money Exchange Management,…)
  • E-Business Solutions(Customer Experience Management, e-Commerce, Enterprise Content Management, Portal, B2C, B2B, …)
  • Systems and Security Solutions(Identity and Access Management, Authentications, Authorizations, SSO, Desktop/ Server Management, Virtualization,…)


AFiT®is pleased to help corporate businesses, to capitalize on the Internet technologies, to solve their business problems, developing their businesses, and meet their business objectives with a very economical and professional approach as we have helped many organizations in that prospective.

I would like to take this opportunity to assure our customers, shareholders, employees, and technology partners that AFiT® has a track record of its ability to achieve success with strong leadership, certified experience, best practices process and approach, and excellent understanding of the market and customer industries.


Based on the achievements we have made, we intend to capitalize on it and maintain our steady growth and expansions in the Middle East to meet our business objectives, and to implement our strategic plans.

We will continue to deliver innovation across all of our offerings. We are confident in our ability to continue to make good progress in the coming years.


All of us at AFiT® are determined to celebrate in the coming years the achievement of our plans. I would like to thank all our employees for their commitment in helping AFiT® to implement a truly customer-centric company and delivering innovation at all time.


Our business is building your e-Business.


Eng. Haitham Saleh Al-Faris
Chairman and CEO
AFiT Company (K.S.C. Closed)