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AFiT SLA Support Services | "We Treat Every Customer as if Our World Revolves Around Them"


AFiT® Consulting works with you to produce results. Our primary goal is to help you realize a return on your enterprise software investment while also creating lasting business improvements. We do this by applying our proven methodology, deep product knowledge, strong program management and collaborative approach.

To maximize the value of your AFiT® products, you need timely support expertise. With AFiT’s range of flexible support programs, you get the level of help you need to meet your business objectives.


World-class expertise at your disposal will help you deploy solutions faster, minimize downtime, and accelerate product adoption. Support programs can also lower your IT expenses and total cost of ownership, so you get the greatest value from your investment.


AFiT® offers a variety of support plans, including the web, e-mail, telephone, and onsite. Purchase your AFiT® program when it suits you—when you purchase AFiT® products to immediately access extended support resources, or later, if you discover you would like added expertise and support for AFiT® products you already own. AFiT® representative can help you decide which flexible support solution meets your specific requirements and provides you with the best value.