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Kuwait Shareholding Company Closed
ISO 9001:2000 Certified and Reviewed


Corporate Headquarters
8th Floor, Alghunaim Building, Abu Bakr Street, Almirgab,

Kuwait City, State of Kuwait
Phone: +965 2228 4664
Fax: +965 2228 4660
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AFiT® also has sales offices in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

1988 by Haitham S. Al-Faris, Chairman and CEO


Company Profile

AFiT® is a Kuwaiti Shareholding Company (Closed), located in Kuwait City, State of Kuwait with regional offices and presence around the Middle East. AFiT®, founded in July 1988, is the Middle East e-Business Innovator delivering solutions and services for growing enterprises. AFiT® offer business consulting services and design scalable and innovative e-Business solutions that are built based on "best of breed" technology and superior service that create massive economic results to the clients.

AFiT® provides innovated open and flexible solutions of relationship management, electronic commerce and application hosting to corporate businesses so they can capitalize on the Internet technologies to transform the way they support their customers, develop their markets, and build their business and stay competitive.


Board of Directors

  • Haitham S. Al-Faris, Founder, Chairman and CEO
  • Hamed Y. Al-Zayed, Vice Chairman
  • Bader A. Al-Zamil, Board Member
  • Abdul-Latif S. Al-Muzaini, Board Member
  • Saleh A. Al-Shaya, Board Member

Management Team

  • Haitham S. Al-Faris, Chariman and CEO
  • Hamed Y. Al-Zayed, Vice President and COO
  • Zeyad Yousef, Chief Accountant
  • Iesa Al-Failakawi, Director of Solution Management Strategies
  • Ahmed Samir, Director of Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Sayed Yousef, Delivery Manager




  • Banking Solutions
  • Cross-Channel e-Commerce Solutions
  • Systems and Security Solutions
  • Portal and Content Management Solutions
  • Business Solutions



  • eTahseel - Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment Hub Solution
  • iExchange - Branch Office Automation CRM Solution for Money Exchange Business
  • iCoop - Electronic Market-place for Consumer Goods
  • eTajer - Electronic Market-place for Commercial Goods
  • TrustedPay - End to end payment service


AFiT® is a Kuwait Shareholding Company closed, well-funded organization with KWD 2 Million (US$ 6 Million) capital. AFiT® adopts focused strategy to maintain consistent, managed growth.


Representative Clients

Central Bank of Kuwait, Ahli United Bank Group, Etisalat UAE, Kuwait Stock Exchange, Kuwait Council of Ministrs, Kuwait University, and more.


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