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e-Business Innovator


We will make e-Business is Your Business


Some companies respond to requests for proposals. We consult our clients in advance and become their strategic partners.


  • Consult our clients as their strategy partner
  • Specialize in vertical market solutions
  • Slow penetration to maintain our reputation
  • Our clients are a highly regarded industry leaders
  • Long term relationship to keep our clients at the edge of innovation
  • Make sure that innovation is their business as it is for us


Our e-Business solutions are mostly sold through account management sales and marketing strategy. With special focus on corporate accounts in the following vertical markets:


  • Financial (Bank and Investment)
  • Communications (Telecom and service providers)
  • Retail Groups (Enterprise Retailers, B2B and B2C Portals)


Our market penetration is steadily growing as our reputation for “Innovative Costumer Focus e-Business Solutions” is maintained.



Our value for our clients are:


  • Open & honest dealings
  • Quality without compromise
  • Integrated and innovated solutions
  • Built with best of breed technologies
  • Accountable for our actions
  • Strong work ethic the norm
  • Caring
  • Trust

Our team is working with many highly regarded industry leaders. We deliver systems innovation services and solutions to AFiT® clients.


Once our clients engage in a business relationship with us, we'll enter into a long-term relationship to keep them on the edge of innovation. We'll manage their strategic e-Business applications and content, continually adding new features, functionality, and services to better serve their clients, customers, partners, distributors, suppliers, etc.