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Innovative e-Business Solutions


AFiT® is the leading full-service provider (FSP) of "Innovative e-Business Solutions" for growing enterprises. We've developed a proven methodology to give our clients a significant competitive advantage. They can thus capitalize on the Internet to support their customers, develop their markets, and build their business.


The dollar value of being first to market cannot be overstated. First-place companies are many times more valuable than those who come in second. But for growing enterprises, capitalizing on explosive e-business opportunities is easier said than done. Why? Because of technological complexity, cost of implementation and support, and the shortage of qualified professionals.

Successful new economy entities that act on the electronic age trends are aggressively pursuing e-Business capabilities. For us to successfully serve our customers, we have found a way to leverage and integrate their physical presence, customer base and knowledge with innovative e-Business capabilities.

With our "Innovative e-Business Solutions", we will help our clients to be the first mover in the market (which means getting a model up and running in 3 to 6 months), and enable to continue to stay on the top.

At AFiT®, we help our clients overcome these obstacles. We combine high-quality, cost-effective, professional "Innovative e-Business Solutions" and Application Hosting services to deliver complete sophisticated e-business solutions. We help you make the most of what you have. And provide you with everything you don't. We show you how to use the Internet to better serve customers, cut costs, grow your business, and create competitive advantage - in less time and for less money than doing it all yourself. In short, we help you get there first.


AFiT® Solutions offers integrated strategy consulting, systems integration services, and application hosting. Check out our solution and get into the e-business revolution first.